…what doesn't kill you makes you STRANGER.


Nike Air Trainer Max 91 – Black/White Colorway

I play ball in the white and carolina blue ones that dropped a few years back they comfortable and light as hell…Go cop them.


Shaun White Transformation

I was a skater in a past life (or a Tibetan Monk) so this video is dope to me.

Dear England…

You lost like the wankers you are. That’s what you get for cheating Trinidad in the last World Cup…in what country??? I forgot…oh oh oh wait…GERMANY!!!!!

Handegg Season is coming back.

Global Domination my a** (Portugal-7 North Korea-Duck Egg)

If you heard a loud crashing sound outside your window about an hour ago, that was the sound of  24 million North Koreans turning their TV’s off at the same time. Actually, it’s more than likely that the Government turned it off for them. Either way, I woke up just in time to watch them get 7 goals scored on them by Ronaldo and his Naturalized Brazilian cronies of Portugal. 7 goals…count them…7. I haven’t seen a beating that bad since Kobe Bryant beat that rape charge (I’m still bitter…sue me). Does North Korea have any nukes that can reach South Africa? Now would be a good time to find out.

Green Machine (also known as “why Kobe cried himself to sleep”)

Ok, so the pic may be a little premature, but who cares? Last night the Colorado Rapist (Kobe) thought he could pull it off all by his lonesome. The stars of the show however would have to be Rondo, Davis (pictured above), and Nate Muthafuckin’ Robinson. Back to La-La land on Sunday for game 5. Still in Boston for game 5. Jack Nicholson better load up on his Geritol.